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Elecro Electric Heaters

Electric heating is becoming the preferred way of heating on ponds up to 3000 to 4000gallons, and although numerous different types of electric heating are available the Elecro Engineering Evo 900 series has become known by most as the standard in terms of Electric Koi Pond heating. The main advantage of these units is all the required equipment comes with the heater, and only limited professional installation by an electrician may be needed on all units, especially units above 3kw (as they may have to be wired directly into your consumer unit), it is cheaper than having gas heating installed. The Elecro units are made from stainless steel and all have a flow switch for safety (this means that if the pump stops the heater cannot operate), and the newest model allows the user to turn through 180 degrees the direction of flow allowing for installation in almost all situations. Along with this all units have a titanium element which has self cleaning properties, which reduces the risk of debris sticking to the heater and causing hot spots which could damage the unit. Plus the newest heaters from Elecro have even more efficient elements in them resulting in improved heating efficiency which can result in even cheaper running cost.

If using an electric pond heater ideally go for a Digital model. Elecro were one of the first companies to produce pond heaters which offered a digital thermostat. This has the advantage of offering very exact temperature setting (to 0.1oC), as well as this these units display a constant readout of the water passing through the unit. A recent addition to the Elecro 900 series of digital electric heaters has been the availability of a time clock which can be supplied fitted into the control housing. This allows the user to determine when power can actually get the element thus allowing for easy set-up on reduced rate electric tariffs such as Economy 7 or similar.

Costs involved if heating by electric.
If running your heater on Economy 7 for the whole 7 hours of the economy 7 periods you would expect to pay in the region of 2.730p per Kilo Watt hour, which means that for every full hour that one kilo watt is used you would be charged 2.730p. So working on this the following costs can be worked out:

Power Rating Max Running /Night** Max Running / Night A Week**
1kw 19p £1.34
2kw 38p £2.66
3kw 57p £4.01
4kw 77p £5.39
6kw £1.14 £7.98
9kw £1.72 £12.04

**Approx. Costing based on Southern Electric Economy 7 tariff which if used has a higher standing charge then a non-economy 7 tariff of £37.96 per year, compared to £23.58 plus the standard electric rate per Kilo Watt hour is 6.670p, which is slightly higher then on the non-economy 7 tariff where it is 6.240p (Feb 2004 rates)

If you are heating by electric it is a good idea to spend some time comparing prices from different supplies, as due to the fact that you will be using an increased level of electricity it may well save you to change supplier. To help you do this just type in electricity companies into a search engine on the internet, and you will be presented with a list of websites which will calculate the best company to be with based on your current usage and what you are paying.

If heating by electric the rule of 1kw per 1000 gallons should be applied, however the bigger the unit the more efficient it becomes. So for example if your pond is 1000 gallons you would be better to fit a 2KW rather than a 1KW, and in fact this may prove cheaper to run is it will heat the water in far less time. So rather than say using 1kw for 1 hour you will use 2kw for 15minutes, which is far cheaper. If on the other hand your pond is 1600 gallons you would still be better fitting 3kw as opposed to a 2kw for the same reason.

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